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Does Really Simple SSL make my site slower?

When you’ve activated Really Simple SSL on your site, in some cases you might notice your site has become slower. I specifically built this plugin to be fast: most of the work is done in the back-end, which doesn’t harm your performance. So why is your site slower now?

What most people forget is that when you activate Really Simple SSL, not only are you activating a plugin, but you are now also running your site over SSL!

When your site is running over SSL, the server needs to encrypt your website before it sends it to the browser. This will need some extra processing power. Depending on your webhost, this will make your site a bit slower. So if you feel your site is not fast enough, and this is caused only by the move to SSL, you should think about upgrading to a hosting service with a faster server.

Doesn’t Really Simple SSL do anything on the front-end?

It does, but not much. Only two things really:

  • A redirect (which you really need, and if it’s a 301 redirect,  traffic should come in through the new url soon enough)
  • Fix mixed content. You can disable this one to check the speed difference, but it’s a really fast function, so should hardly be noticeable.


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