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Does Really Simple SSL make my site slower?

I get asked this question sometimes, and I specifically built this plugin to be fast: most of the work is done in the back-end, which doesn’t harm your performance. So I’d like to explain what the plugin really does on the front end. Before version 2.3.8, a javascript redirect was added when .htaccess redirects were not possible. A javascript redirect is pretty slow so I’ve removed that in favor of an internal wp redirect as fallback for the .htaccess.

The plugin does a 301 permanent redirect in the .htaccess
As far as I know the .htaccess redirect is the fastest way of redirecting. Besides that, it is only used when the site is accessed over http. I’ve never actually seen this slow a site down.

The mixed content fixer replaces http urls to https
I’ve done some tests with it on my own site. With a source consisting of about 60.000 characters, the delay caused by the mixed content fixer is about 0.00188 seconds, which I think is pretty good. But you can of course disable the mixed content fixer in the settings. You would then have to fix your mixed content manually. If you don’t have a lot of pages, and your theme and plugins are well built, this won’t be much work.

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