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* Update*

This issue should be resolved in the 2.4 version. I left the Yoast check for now, but this warning will be removed in future versions.

If you have this warning, and the mixed content fixer does not work, please let me know.


When  you have the force rewrite title function from Yoast active, the mixed content fixer of Really Simple SSL won’t work.

Most sites that have “force rewrite title” of Yoast activated, use a theme that doesn’t use the wp_title() function. This function inserts the website title into a page. Plugins like Yoast hook into this function to optimize, or edit the page title.
If you do not have wp_title(), Yoast offers the option to force rewrite the title anyway. This conflicts with the mixed content fixer.
Update: since recently, the Yoast plugin does not show this option in all cases. But is some cases Really Simple SSL still detects the database setting. If that is the case, you won’t find the Yoast option in your settings, and you can safely dismiss the warning. If the force rewrite is actively used, you have two options.

Step 1:

For both solutions, you’ll have to turn disable the force rewrite titles option in Yoast. You can find this option in SEO / Titles & Meta’s / General.

Step 2 option 1: Turn off mixed content fixer

Fix all your mixed content manually, and turn off the mixed content fixer in the settings.

Step 2 option 2: Get your theme to write titles itself

If you need the mixed content fixer, and the your titles disappear if you turn the Yoast option of, you’ll could add the title to your wordpress header.

  1. Look for the <head></head> tags. Most of the times you can find these in the header.php of your theme. Of course, if is best if you edit this in a child theme.
  2. Between these tags, add wp_title(), like so:

<title><?php wp_title(”); ?></title>

For more information on wp_title, see the WordPress reference.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi, I turned of the Forced rewrite title option in Yoast. But now my titles place my site title after the yoast title. How can I fix this? I have tried to past the title tag in the head but that breaks down my site. Kind regards, Chander

  2. Rogier,

    First of all thanks for the great SSL plugin. Kudos.

    I’m getting the fixed content mixer error from RSSL & Yoast. However I don’t have the option to turn off the “force rewrite titles” in the new version of YOAST. I’ll dig in to the child them for but you may want to update the blog post.

    I’m on Yoast version 3.1.2



    1. Hi Franco,

      I think in some cases the database setting is still there even though it’s not used by Yoast. For those cases, I’ve made the warning dismissable so you don’t get the nag anymore.

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