Mixed content Plugin conflicts

Known plugin compatibility issues

Sometimes Really Simple SSL doesn’t work too well with other plugins. Most of the time this is caused by another plugin blocking the mixed content fixer. We know of compatibility issues with the following plugins:

WP Social SEO Booster (hasn’t been updated in three years, so wouldn’t recommend to use it anyway)

USM Premium (USM support appears to have a fix for this, or they may fix it in the next update)

Genesis Toolbar Extras, thanks to Jon Burr for reporting it

SEO WordPress (output buffer issue, should be resolved in SEO wordpress. Author does not respond)

SEO Pressor SEO Pressor flushes all output buffers, including the Really Simple SSL buffer. They should only flush their own buffer.

GD Booster, thanks to Shane Blevins for reporting it

Deactivating these plugins should resolve your issues with Really Simple SSL.

If you encounter any plugin compatiblity issues, please share this the comments. In most cases, the problem is that the output buffer is used in a way that is not compatible with Really Simple SSL. For example, in the case of USM, the output buffer wasn’t started properly in some cases, which caused the flushing of the output buffer to flush the Really Simple SSL output buffer.



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  • Jon Burr

    Genesis Toolbar Extras breaks the mixed content fixer, preventing the line “data-rsssl” from showing, and causing the insecure alert in Chrome.

    • Rogier Lankhorst

      Hi Jon, thanks for reporting it!

  • shane blevins

    GD Booster
    I was having mixed content warning issues. I disabled GD Booster and they went away. GD Booster seems to be a pretty good plugin with alot of options. There is a possibility that changing an option in its settings could correct it (instead of disabling), however I’m not sure what that would be.

    • Rogier Lankhorst

      Hi Shane, Thanks for the input. I don’t know the plugin myself, and as it’s a premium plugin can’t test it, but if you find out a setting that resolves it, please let us know!

  • ravi@ramancoaching.com

    Hi Rogier,

    I love your plugin and just used it. Everthing works great EXCEPT for the fact that my homepage does not redirect to SSL. http://RaviRaman.com stays that way when navigated to directly. When I visit my homepage using internal links on my site it all works fine.

    My homepage is hosted by Leadpages using the Leadpages plugin for wordpress. When I deactivate the plugin, everything works great. When I activate the plugin and go to http://RaviRaman.com it doesn’t load the SSL version of the homepage. I need to use this plugin since I use LeadPages to design my homepage.

    Do you know how to work around this issue?

    Do you know how I address this issue?

    • Rogier Lankhorst

      Possibly this plugin does some caching, preventing PHP execution, which prevents the php redirect from running. This can easily be solved by enabling the .htaccess redirect in settings/ssl.

  • Christiaan Koppelaar

    Hi Rogier,

    Nice plugin! I noticed that the “Under Construction” plugin (by Web factory Ltd) also causes the website to load without ssl. After disabling “Under construction”, ssl works fine again.

    • Rogier Lankhorst

      Thanks for this info. I would expect the redirect to https work if you have enabled .htaccess redirect first. Did you try that?

    • Mark Wolters

      Hi Amanda,

      what kind of errors did you experience with Jetpack enabled? There are some issues with Really Simple SSL and Photon in Jetpack, it might be enough to disable Photon.


  • Amanda McInerney

    Sorry just enabled Jetpack and now no issues. It did give me an internal error at first.

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