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Rich snippets getting removed after migration to SSL

I recently got forwarded this message from a customer that had migrated to SSL. Google has detected structured markup on some of your pages that we believe violates our structured data guidelines. Because incorrect information lowers the quality of search results for users, rich snippets will not appear in Google Search results for pages with …

Redirect rules

Manually insert .htaccess redirect http to https

.htaccess redirect inserted by Really Simple SSL Really Simple SSL has an option which inserts the detected .htaccess redirect rules. There are several server configurations, which each require their own .htaccess redirect. The plugin tries to detect which rule applies, and then tests the result. In some cases the test fails, or the .htaccess was …


How to recover Facebook likes after moving to https/ssl

Websites with a lot of Facebook likes are bound to lose some likes when they move their site to https. Facebook sees your https url as a complete different url. A 301 redirect in your .htaccess, which seems to help keep Google Analytics hits, does not seem to work with Facebook. Maybe in the future, …