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Plugin conflict force rewrite title Yoast

*Update* This issue should be resolved in the 2.4 version. I left the Yoast check for now, but this warning will be removed in future versions. If you get this warning and the mixed content fixer does not work, please let me know. ——————- When

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Is Really Simple SSL suitable for my multisite installation?

Yes, you can use Really Simple SSL for multisite. When you activate Really Simple SSL on a multisite environment, you can choose to network activate, or to activate per-site. When you network activate, you get the same option again (might be confusing) but even on

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Website not accessible with SSL

If you can not access your website but do not have redirect loop errors, your SSL certificate might be invalid. Normally, Really Simple SSL checks if SSL is available, and only proceeds if the test is successful. If you forced SSL anyway or blocked access

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