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403 errors on my images when SSL is activated

Sometimes users get the issue that their images are not visible on the site after activating SSL, but the images are loaded with SSL links, and load fine when loaded directly. So this is not a mixed content error. When you look in the Chrome

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Upgrade Network issue on multisite

Frido mentioned to me there seems to be an issue with Multisite if you use both http and https sites. The issue occurs when you do a network upgrade. The following message appears: Upgrade Network Warning! Problem updating Your server may not be

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No SSL detected, but I’m sure I have SSL

No SSL was detected If you see this message at the top of your page, this can mean two things: You don’t have an SSL certificate. You can check this on The certificate check in Really Simple SSL failed, because the output on yours server

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Plugin conflict force rewrite title Yoast

* Update* This issue should be resolved in the 2.4 version. I left the Yoast check for now, but this warning will be removed in future versions. If you have this warning, and the mixed content fixer does not work, please let me know. ——————-

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