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err_ssl_unrecognized_name_alert This error means that the name on the certificate is not recognized and is usually caused by a SSL configuration error. The first thing to do is to check for any errors in your certificate using the Qualys SSL Labs scan. If there are

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err_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH This error means that the server and client (browser) are unable to establish a secure connection between them. To establish a secure connection between the server and client they need to have a cipher in common to understand each-others messages. If the ciphers don’t

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Inserting HSTS header using PHP

HSTS Header insertion Really Simple SSL pro has the ability to set HSTS header for your website. In most cases this is done by inserting the HSTS header in the .htaccess file used by Apache and related webservers. Inserting the HSTS header in the .htaccess file

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SSL activated! message not going away

After activation of SSL in Really Simple SSL, there’s a success message that confirms your site has been migrated to https. SSL activated! Don’t forget to change your settings in Google Analytics en Webmaster tools. More info. When the x in the right top is

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