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Fixing SSL Incomplete certificate chain error

What impact does the “Incomplete Certificate Chain” error have on your website? A missing chain certificate can indirectly cause problems related to the security of your website, and could impact your visitors’ ability to reach your website on certain mobile devices (mostly Android). Fortunately, your

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htaccess or wp-config.php file not writable

.htaccess or wp-config.php file not writeable Really Simple SSL requires write permissions to either the .htaccess or wp-config.php files. For example to add an .htaccess redirect, add a fix to the wp-config.php file if your site is behind a load balancer, or add the secure

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cURL errors

What is cURL? cURL is a widely used method of transferring data from and to (web)servers via URLs. It is installed on most, if not all webservers which makes it an ideal tool to use. Really Simple SSL uses cURL for a number of things.

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