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Mixed content Multisite Plugin conflicts

Hyperlinks to external urls getting replaced to https

There are two situations where a normal hyperlink to an external url could get replaced to https Website domain is part of the external domain When the external url is for example while the website url is this can happen. Really Simple SSL replaces all instances of the own website domain in the html to https. …


WordPress multisite returns https link on front end website creation

With the WPMU Dev pro sites plugin,  you can create a front end signup form to enable users to register and create their own website. If you have some of those websites not on SSL, but the signup website is SSL, you might get the problem that  the url that is generated by the signup …

Multisite Warnings & Errormessages

Upgrade Network issue on multisite

Frido mentioned to me there seems to be an issue with Multisite if you use both http and https sites. The issue occurs when you do a network upgrade. The following message appears: Upgrade Network Warning! Problem updating Your server may not be able to connect to sites running on it. Error message: …