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wp-content/cache/all//index.html problem remains after clearing cache

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    Dear Rogier,

    I still have the wp-content/cache/all//index.html problem on (and several other websites).

    I tried clearing the caches (nginx, wp fastest cache and cloudflare) and tried this as well:

    Unfortunately both to no avail.

    It only happens when you don’t specify https:// before the domain name.

    So and don’t have the problem but and give me the wp-content/cache/all//index.html problem.

    Any ideas how to fix this problem?

    Kind regards,



    Hi Jaco,

    This redirect is typically generated by Fastest Cache. I would try to clear, then deactivate completely. Then, activate again. In most cases this will solve the issue.

    If not, you could try to move the http to https redirect to the top of your .htaccess. If https is no problem, it might be solved by making sure the Fastest Cache .htaccess rules only kick in after the redirect to https has been made.


    Wanted to test it a bit more before replying, but everything seems to work fine after disabling and re-enabling fastest cache. I noticed the problem came back after I reuploaded the mysql database for one of the websites, but re-enabling fastest cache again fixed the problem again. If the problem comes back after other updates I will try the other solutions you provided!

    Bedankt voor de hulp!


    Just disable one of your Plugin WP Fastest Cache or your SSL redirection plugin and then enable again.


    My website same problem SSL is green color OK
    but // ssl not green color, I’m using wp fast cache

    How do I fixed ?
    Thanks & Regards


    Hi Panpic,

    the site seems to have the green lock now, did you manage to solve the issue?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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