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What happened after clic the button "Go ahead, activate SSL! " ?

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    Hello guys,
    I purchased to my hosting provider an ssl certificate.

    Now, It seems like I have mixed content. I realized almost all the urls with http are from plugins. So, I supposed all would be fixed if I would change these 2 urls:

    But when I change these urls, my wordpress site doesn’t load. Appears the famous and horrifying grey screen.

    So, I just install your great plugin, but before press the following button “Go ahead, activate SSL!”
    See screenshot please:

    I wonder…

    1.What will is do exactly that button in my database?
    2.My hosting provider have setup wrong the ssl certificate?
    3.Why wordpress shows and grey screen when I change these 2 urls?

    Best regards and thanks so much for your great support.



    In your screenshot I can see the SSL certificate is working, but your stylesheets are still loaded over http. That is why your styling breaks. So the certificate should be fine.

    When you click the “activate SSL” button, Really Simple SSL will configure your site for SSL. Only one change is made in the database, and that is the siteurl and homeurl, as in your first screenshot.

    I don’t know why your site shows a grey screen, I’d need to see the website to say anything about that.

    If you also have this issue after activating my plugin, contact me so we can check what the problem is. You can always deactivate the plugin, even if you don’t have access to the dashboard:



    Thanks for your quick and detailed answer Rogier.

    By the way, so if something goes wrong with the grey screen and need reverse the action, I will to need change these 2 urls in the database and….. htaccess? Which other files is changed by the plugin?

    Thanks Rogier!


    By the way, if appears the grey screen and I purchase premium support,

    you work saturdays and sundays?
    can I give you access to my wordpress panel, etc.?



    As pro user you’re entitle to premium support. I check the support queue in the weekends as well, but less frequent. Just submit a support ticket if you run into any issues, and we we can take a look.


    Ok thanks Rogier.
    So, can you tell me which files will be affected after clic the button?
    This is important for me to know where replace files with my backup just in case some goes wrong.



    Possibly the wp-config.php, and if you’re on apache, the .htaccess file. These are returned to the original state if you run the deactivation script I mentioned earlier, so a restore of the backup should not be necessary.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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