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what does it mean “running on ssl”?

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    michele ring

    i am not sure what some of the verbiage means. I am a technoidot and many of my questions are really really stupid to the folks who have been raised with computers. when i was young you only dialed five numbers on the phone to get to your party. and party lines were the norm, lol
    anyway. i am on cloudways hosting, recently moved from hostgtor, and have always had a ssl certificate since i started back in 2013 for ecommerce sites. as far as i knew it was just an extra level of encription for credit card sales. and Ive always bought ssl certificates or had them automatically from the hosting company.
    so now i am reading through some of the documentation about this ssl pro and it keeps talking about running on ssl, what the heck?
    does it mean that the cart is moving to a secure area? so the cart is like hosted on a better platform?
    so that is me Really Simple Questions, lol


    Hi Michele,

    Really Simple SSL Pro requires a valid SSL certificate before it can work correctly. The plugin should work if you have a valid SSL certificate. Can you provide us with your site address so we can have a look?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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