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    I’m using Really Simple SSL on a website in combination with Advanced Custom Fields. I have a fields group defined with a field of type “URL” which I then use in my templates with their proper function get_field(). This is all ACF business but since version 2.4 Really Simple SSL is rewriting the URL I put in this field to make them SSL-friendly.

    This obviously breaks most websites as they are not HTTPS-ready. I reinstalled 2.3.14 and it works just fine. I think ACF is using the post custom fields to store those values and probably getting them with usual WordPress. Do you think you could somehow prevent the mixed content mixer from rewriting those values?

    I can provides you more information in private if you like.



    The code of the mixed content fixer itself is not changed, only the hook on which it is activated is completely changed, which makes it more reliable, as it has less chance to conflict with other plugins.

    Is it possible the mixed content fixer in 2.3.14 doesn’t work at all on your site? That could explain this difference. You can test if disabling the mixed content fixer in the settings of the plugin solves the issue for you.

    Still, it should not replace external links. The mixed content fixer replaces
    – all urls containing your own domain to the https version of your own domain
    – all src=”http:// to https://
    – all url, link, meta and form patterns matching a http link to https.

    So you see in normal cases, a <a href="">link</a> will not get replaced by the mixed content fixer.

    If you can provide me with a link to a page where you have such links, I can take a look at the html, and see how this could happen.

    You can send it to me by means of the contact form.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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