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    Matt Stockdale

    Hi Rogier,

    You’ve created an amazing plugin which has saved so so much time trying to convert URLS to https – thank you so much.

    Can I ask, would you expect any URLs within custom fields to also be converted? We have a google maps plugin and the wp-types plugins in which we have image urls saved in custom fields, and from what I can see they aren’t being converted to https.

    I’m not sure if that is a known issue or if it’s just a problem on our website. While I can see that Really Simple SSL is working on most links I also get the “The mixed content is activated, but not functioning at the front end.” error on the settings page and so I’m wondering if maybe the url conversion gets interrupted before being able to complete the custom field urls.

    Thanks again for all you’ve been doing,



    Hi Matt,

    Thanks, good to hear!

    About the url fixing: the plugin catches the output of a request, and replaces all urls to your own domain, and all urls that are not hyperlinks to any other domain to https. This happens on the front-end, so you won’t see any changes in your system. Only links in css files and js files are not replaced.

    So to answer your question, as the plugin doesn’t look at the back-end, but just filters the output at the front-end, these image urls should be replaced as well.

    To check if the mixed content fixer is working the plugin just checks if the comment I insert in the front-end sourcecode is there. If not, you get a message. This method has some drawbacks: an error does not mean the plugin isn’t working, it just means it couldn’t be verified. If the page cannot be loaded, or if the comment is removed by maybe a caching plugin, you get a failure as well, even though the plugin might be functioning normally. This can be checked manually as well, by looking in the sourcecode for the comment (at the bottom of the sourcecode).

    As you say most links are converted, I assume the mixed content fixer is working. If so, and some images are not replaced to https on the front-end, can you give me the html markup that doesn’t get replaced? This might mean not all types of html markup are accounted for.


    Matt Stockdale

    Thanks for such a fast reply, Rogier!

    It looks like the http image urls on one of the pages I was struggling with ( were all within some JS on the page, so that was understandably not being fixed. I’ve updated those urls in the maps plugin directly and it’s all fine now.

    And the other page ( was using AJAX page pre-loading (built using Toolset Views) which was causing the problem, and I’ve switched AJAX off so we do proper page loads and don’t have the http issue.

    All’s great now – thanks again for your fantastic work,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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