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    I was wondering what happens if I uninstall the plugin? Do all the settings for http to https migration disappear?


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    If you deactivate using the WP plugins deactivation option, all changes will revert to http.

    If you uninstall just removing the plugin folder through FTP, the siteurl will remain https. If enabled, the .htaccess redirect will stay as well, and any wpconfig edits that were made.

    The internal php redirect and the mixed content fixer won’t work anymore, as these are dynamic processes.

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    Kevin Murphy

    Hi Rogier, WPengine recently helped me migrate my site to https.

    Do I still need the really simple SSL plugin? Did WPengine add it or is it possible that I had it before they changed to SSL for me?

    I am not sure that the plug-in is even working. I did the “view source” on my home page and did not find data-rsssl=1

    Please let me know if I can delete and retain my HTTPS status.



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    Hi Kevin,

    You’d have to ask WP engine I guess. I can’t say much without seeing the domain. But if you want to remove the plugin, do not deactivate through WP, but just remove the plugin through FTP. Otherwise you will revert to https.

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    Hi guys

    I’m in trouble I have installed really-simple-SSL I got the webmaster error this plugin shows me using redirection so we need to fix and it takes time to redirect I want to uninstall this plugin for permanent also from .htacess but I haven’t ideas some have an about clean my website from really-simple-SSL? if want to check my website here https://www.startupopinions.com/

    Waiting for reply


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    To completely remove the plugin you can either deactivate the plugin (will revert to http), use the “deactivate but keep https” option in settings/ssl/settings, or uninstall manually:

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