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    Jan Wessels


    I have succesfully installed and activated SSL on the site.
    Although there are no issues on the Dutch version but when I switch to other languages (English and German) I get redirection issues.

    So I tried the fix you mentioned to remove the htaccess code from the plugin and put the define( ‘RLRSSSL_DO_NOT_EDIT_HTACCESS’, TRUE); inside the config. All without success.

    Could you check this out why it is not working for the other languages?
    The url is:


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    Jan Wessels

    Let me know if you need ftp or other access to the site.

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    Hi Jan,

    Multilanguage plugins have redirects of their own, which in this case probably causes the loop. If you re-save the settings of the polylang plugin, it should be fixed.

    Removing the .htaccess redirects of Really Simple SSL is not necessary.

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    Jan Wessels

    Hi Rogier,

    Thank you for responding so swift.
    After re-saving the Polylang settings the issue is resolved

    Very helpful plugin!


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    Hello! I am having the same issue on the site. As soon as I go to the other language is throwing a redirect loop when I try to visit even its home page.

    Can you please tell me how to re-save the Polylang settings? I don’t want to loose all the translated pages.

    Your help will be very appreciated.


    Kind regards,


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    I think if you go the one or more of the polylang settings pages, and click save, that should do it. Saving settings should not cause any data to be lost. It just re-saves the data, but now with the https url.

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    Thanks Rogier. You are a star. it worked perfectly!!

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    Thanks 🙂

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    I encounter quite the same issue, but I guess I miss one point, since resaving polylang settings is useless.

    My problem is double:
    – my site, english version redirects to I don’t understand why
    – if I try to access to an english article, for instance I have an infinite loop.

    What should be done for polylang to work again ? (since before moving to https everything was OK)

    Thanks in advance

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    Are all redirects gone when PolyLang is deactivated?

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    Edit: I meant to say: Are all redirect loops gone when PolyLang is deactivated?

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    i am having an issue with poly lang after i activated really simple SSL
    the issue is, i can create languages and i can add the languages to posts.
    but when i go to languages, posts show (ZERO) next to each language, that means Zero posts are attached to each language, and that makes the switcher disappear since it considers the website in 1 language because there are no posts attached to languages

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    Often you need to re-save the settings in the language plugins so the url is reset.

    Did you also try to re-save the permalinks in settings/permalinks?

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    I’ve spend many hours trying to resolve the problem! Simple reasaving polylang setting resolves the problem!

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    Andres Arias

    hello, I installed the plugin Polylang but then after activate it and add few new languages I decided to delete it but now my URL has changed and idk how to change it to where used to be, can you help me please?

    before was

    now it takes me to

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    For support on deactivating Polylang, I would contact the author of polylang. I can’t really help you with polylang specific issues.

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    I have a problem with the polylang plugin. When I installed Really simple ssl plugin, it was ok but not the main page for both languages (others are) Really simple ssl plugin wrote me: The mixed content fixer is activated but was not detected on the frontpage. Please follow these steps to check if the mixed content fixer is working. When I deactive the polylang plugin, it was ok. You do not know what to do. The problem is here: thanks for your help!!!!!

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    This problem usually resolves when you re-save the polylang settings.

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    le guernic johannie et cédric compagnon

    Hello, I have tried this solution too, but save the settings of polylang doesn’t work for me.

    YOu can see it, the english version make a loop

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    Hi, I don’t get any redirect loop, it seems to load fine.

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    Abdelrahman Hassanein

    Hi ..i face the same problem. When i press, sometimes automatically directs me to ..i resaved the languge sittings. It fixed the problem but few hours later the redirction returend again!

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    This appears to be a polylang issue, not an SSL redirection issue. For support on polylang, please contact the polylang plugin support.

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    Thank you so much Rogier! Re-saving the Polylang settings solved the issue for me.

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    Hi i face the same problem. When i press, sometimes automatically directs me to . I resaved the languge sittings. It fixed the problem but few hours later the redirction returend again! i have just disactivate the plugin, please can you help

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    Mark Wolters


    does your website use any caching? Have you tried clearing that? The issue seems to be caused by Polylang, so if the issue still occurs I’d advise to contact them.


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    Thank you Rogier … you saved my day…

    too many redirects here … tried to solve disabling SSL, AMP and others … finally saving settings again on polylang worked for me … ufffffff!!!!

    Thanks again

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    cong ty luat

    I have same error,
    How can i deactive this plugin.
    I prefer my website is: However when i enter into my website, it’ always redirect to 🙁

    Please help me with my thanks

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    Mark Wolters


    have you tried to re-save the polylang settings? The redirect loop doesn’t seem to be there on the main English page, only on the /vi/ domain.


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    Go to:
    Polylang Settings & disable Detect browser language;

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    Hi, I have been stuck with this problem for hours and finally i have fix it. I just came to say THANK YOU SO MUCH. <3

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