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    Thanks for the great plugin. It helped me to migrate to SSL in an instant, then I took my time and manually edited every link in my site pages and code, changing them to https. Now I would like to try to move on without it (I just hate plugins…), but I am not sure my site wont break if I deactivate RSSSL (like redirect loop etc). So the question is, how can I deactivate it via backend (WP config files), so that I would be able to activate it again in case my site stops working?

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    You can rename the plugin folder to see if your site runs fine without it. If you’re having trouble, just rename it back.

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    Nope, it didnt work well 🙂 I mean – it did work well when I renamed the folder. I’ve checked my site via proxy (to make sure i’m not getting cached copy), was ok. So I renamed the folder back and deactivated RSSSL. Ok. Things work. Next step I go to settings and see there that my site/wp address is set to http://

    I changed them and everything crashed. So to fix it I put the 2 define lines into wp-config and my site went back working. I activated RSSSL. But site/wp address lines in config are grayed. So I tried to remove define lines from wp-config (they have done their job, havent they?), and it went offline again. Now I have to keep these lines in in config…and figure it out. Guess I shouldnt have tried to move away from your plugin, hahaha!

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    It was really weird. No matter RSSSL active or not, I was getting “loss of styles” (including wp admin) with define http in wp-config, and redirect loop with removing me that define lines.

    What helped me is your advice from this thread


    Now https in wp settings, unlocked, no redirects, rsssl deactivated, site works with https. Yay!

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    After renaming the folder, you were actually ready: deactivated plugin without reverting back to https. But when you deactivate from the wp admin, all changes are removed again, which was what you experienced.

    But glad to hear you fixed it.

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    Yes indeed. even though I had flagged the “do not touch my htaccess” option, deactivation removed the proper lines from htaccess. But getting only that back appeared to be insufficient.

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    Deactivation through the dashboard will remove all changes by the plugin. The do not change .htaccess option is only meant to be used during active use.

    So deactivation will change
    – site_url back to http
    – remove wpconfig fixes (which you will still need, if you’re on a loadbalanced setup)
    – remove htaccess changes

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