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    I purchased the Really Simple SSL pro and enabled the HSTS feature, but I got two problem need help.
    There is an error about “Strict-Transport-Security´╝ÜThis site was served over HTTP and did not redirect to HTTPS.”
    There is an error about “Warning: Unnecessary HSTS header over HTTP”

    How should fix these issues?

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    Mark Wolters

    Hi William,

    have you enabled a redirect setting in the plugin settings (Settings->SSL->Settings)? That should redirect the site to https:// and solve the first error. Likely the HSTS header will then be served over https:// as well to fix the second error.


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    Hello Mark,

    After then I re-enable SSL and HSTS and waiting for a while, it finally works. Now my site passed the check list of the header scan. Thank you!

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    adil mhemed

    please i have this problems help

    Detected possible certificate issues
    Really Simple SSL failed to detect a valid SSL certificate. If you do have an SSL certificate, try to reload this page over https by clicking this button:

    Reload over https

    . The built-in certificate check will run once daily; to force a new certificate check visit the SSL settings page. Really Simple SSL requires a valid SSL certificate. You can check your certificate on Qualys SSL Labs.

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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Adil,

    your site cannot be connected to over port 443, the SSL port. You can contact your hosting provider so they can check if port 443 has been opened correctly.


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