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    Robert Capielo


    I purchased the Really Simple SSL Pro and I still can’t get https://www.cpcom.com to work. Seems my CSS gets screwed up when the plugin is activated. I followed your instruction and spent a long time with no luck. I had to deactivate the plugin as it is my live website. I need your help.




    Robert Capielo

    I use MaxCDN and set the application URL to https://www.cpcom.com as well.



    The issue is not Really Simple SSL or the pro plugin, but the urls and SSL certificates you use. When you activate Really Simple SSL, the plugin forces your site over SSL, but as the urls and certificate don’t match, the resources cannot load.

    The issue seems to be that the cdn url:
    Does not work over SSL. It gives the following error:

    This server could not prove that it is cdn.cpcom.com; its security certificate is from *.netdna-ssl.com.

    Maybe you can activate SSL on your MAXCDN dashboard, or maybe you’ll have to activate ssl in the wordpress plugin you use for the CDN. I think you’ll have to contact MaxCDN about this.

    I assume the CDN urls should be something like “cpcom.netdna-ssl.com” or something like that to work over SSL.


    Robert Capielo


    I activated the SSL at MAXCDN and it seems to work https://cdn.cpcom.com but the CSS seems to not be working correctly. The main website https://www.cpcom.com/ is not showing as secure. I have both the regular Really Simple SSL and the Pro activated. What seems to be the problem from what you see?



    Hi Robert,

    I just looked at your website, it shows the green padlock, no mixed content. So it looks good! Maybe your browser has cached some resources. Clear your browser cache, or use a different browser to check.

    Let me know if that fixes your issue.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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