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    Bridget Cheetham

    I deactivated Wordfence, Sslimstats & SEO plugins
    The SSL Scan said there are no errors but initially did not detect SSL. I changed the admin to https as you said in another article and I was able to activate the SSL certificate.
    The pages show up with the green locked icon but the images are missing. They point to the http:// address not the https:// address.

    The General Settings also had the https:// but I changed it back to http:// because the site is live.

    The htaccess has the ReallySimple code but it only shows the version and the htaccess also has the rewrite rules set to both the http://: & http://www. address (no https).

    Thanks for your help.

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    If the images have a http link, I suspect the mixed content fixer is blocked or the cache not emptied. Did you clear and deactivate any caching plugin you might have?

    Can you see at the bottom of your source?

    can you post your htaccess here, or email it to me? And also a http image html snippet if possible.

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    Bridget Cheetham

    I installed wp-cache and deleted the cache then disabled wp-cache, cleared all browsing data in Google Chrome and ran the SSL scan again and there is no difference.

    I turned on the Chrome developer tools and did not see < !– Really Simple SSL mixed content fixer active –> at the bottom of my source.

    By ‘html image snippet’ I assume the html link from an image on a page which I have sent, along with my htaccess code in an email.

    Thanks again.

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