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    I don’t see the mixed content fixer marker in your site’s html, this means that we’re either looking at cached html, or the mixed content fixer is blocked by another plugin. You can try to switch the mixed content fixer hook, to see if this resolves the issue.

    Because the mixed content fixer is not active or blocked, some scripts like from the jquery map plugin are loading over http, causing jquery issues.

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    Rickard Frejemyr


    Could you have a look at my site? Revslider disappeared after enabling Really simple SSL. Everything else seems to work. I don´t have mixed content. And all my images are within wordpress Media lIbrary.

    I have 2 sliders, the one on frontpage is missing, the one I have on hotel detail page works. Strange. Images come from same library..

    Kind regards

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    What is your domain?
    *edit* found it in your profile

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    I don’t see any SSL related issues on your site. I do see a jquery error which might cause issues with the revslider. It might help to clear the cache, and/or to re-save the settings in the Revslider.

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    Rickard Frejemyr

    Oh, sorry did I not post the site?

    It is:

    And it sould be a revslider below the menu

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    Rickard Frejemyr

    I have cleared the cache in webbrowser. Also downloaded plugin WP Super cache.

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    Hi Rickard,

    I just checked again, the slider seems to be working now. What turned out to be the problem?

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    Rickard Frejemyr

    Hi Rogler,

    Still don´t know. I made a restore of a backup a took before installing SSL. Just restored the plugin folder of the Revslider. So maybe I have mixed content now?

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    It looks fine, no mixed content.

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    If you’re not using Really Simple SSL, you might want to take a look at this article, which will help you to add a manual .htaccess redirect to https.

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    Hello, I have installed ssl on my website and on the main page the ssl is not shown, I have discovered that it is because of the slider, but I do not know what is causing the error. Could you help me?


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    Hi Marcelo,

    I just checked your site, it’s looking fine in my browser. Can you check if it helps to clear your browser cache? This often resolves such issues.


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