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    I’ve upgraded to Pro thinking it would show certain images in Slider Revolution. I’ve scanned the site and it did not find any errors related to Slider Rev. Sent you the url in an email. Thank you for checking.

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    I’m looking at your site now, but I assume you deactivated SSL, as the site is not on SSL. So I can’t see what the issue is.

    If the scan doesn’t show an issue, it’s possible the hotlink protection is blocking the images which would generate 403 forbidden errors, but I’d have to see the site on SSL to know for sure.

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    Hi Rogier,

    Both SSLs are activated.

    Thank you for checking.

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    I see the issue. Those images are loaded over a different domain, which does not have an ssl certificate. I’ll do some tests why the scan didn’t find these links.

    If you go into the slider revolution settings, you will find in the slides some links referencing another domain, like this:

    This domain doesn’t have an ssl cert, so it won’t load.

    If you change these images to:

    It’ll start working.

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    OK. Thanks. Will make those changes.

    It’s also breaking css/js? on Ultimate VC Addons —tabs and columns don’t appear as intended.

    The scan results:

    Is there a solution for that?

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    Those files are probably not causing the issues. Can you mail me the url of that page? I can’t find it on your site.

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    I think it might be a browser caching issue on your side, as in my browser the page looks good. Did you try to clear the history in your browser?

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    Cache it was. Thank you.

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    You’ll have to change the url in the revolution slide where it is used.
    Go to “revolution slider” / edit slides / edit slide, and look for that url. Than change it to your current url.

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    OK. Updated each blue bar by selecting and editing it with the one that is in the media library for each slide. Don’t know of a way to view the url. For slide, yes, not individual images.

    Solved. Thanks for your prompt assistance.

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    Ramin Tahsili

    I have installed SSL certificate on my website, but the image layers in all of my Revolution Slides doesn’t show anymore, What should I do ?

    Thank You

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    Your slider probably uses images from another domain, or the url used is an old test url over which your site was temporarily available before going live. If you update the url of these images, your problem should be solved.

    To check this, you can follow the instructions to track down mixed content. In your console you will see what the problem is.

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    Same problem here.
    Images on same site but not working can you please help me here?

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    If the above suggestions do not help, I need to see the domain. Can you post your domain here, or send it to me through the contact page?

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    I am having the same problem as the mentioned one on the previous post, could you help me with that?

    I changed my domain to SSL, and Slider Revolution was working properly, but today I removed cache and images are gone.

    Thank’s in advance.

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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Marta,

    can you give us your site address? Then we will have a look at what might be causing this.


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    Paul Henderson

    I’m having the same issue. After installing Simple SSL Pro my Slider Revolution stopped working. The code still outputs in the source, but no images are displayed within the slider. I’ve verified all image files attempting to load are on my local server and the path includes https. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Paul,

    have you tried clearing all caches the website uses? If you can provide us with your site address we might be able to give more information on why this is happening.


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    Paul Henderson

    Thanks for the reply Mark. Yes I had cleared server and client side cache multiple times. Even disabled the cache plugin that was in use. I’ve disabled SSL for now as it also caused all icon links (Also part of the Unyson theme) to disappear as well. I’m going to try and get a copy of the site running on a test server to debug further. If I get that going and have the same problem I will let you know. Thanks again.

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    Revsliver not working after setting up Cloudflare Flexible SSL. All other images appears to be working under SSL except for Revslider. Please help.

    Thank you!

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    You have images loaded over an ip number:

    These images cannot load, as an ip number cannot have a security certificate.
    As the images can be loaded over your own domain as well, you can replace the url with your own domain. ->

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    Meredith Somavia


    I installed the SSL certificate and the revolutionary slider is not showing up at all. I checked and made sure that my certificate is valid. I tried to see if my mixed content fixer is active, but couldn’t follow the steps on this website (, but couldn’t go through the entire process since I could not pull up all the menu options.Can you help me with this?

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    Hi Meredith,

    What is the domain?

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    I just recently installed the “Really Simple SSL” plugin after that my slider revolution is not working. I was trying to solve it by the solutions posted above but some solutions I think are outdated that I can’t find the menu to change the url to test if that might solve the problem. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Mark Wolters


    possibly the slider loads images from a domain without an SSL certificate, or an IP number. To find the url of an image in Revolution Slider you can navigate to a slide in the admin area/revolution slider configuration and it should show if the image is loaded from an external url.


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    Marielle Quizon


    I inspected the background image I used, the url started at “https” but I still get this error “net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”

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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Marielle,

    this error is showing because the slider uses images that are hosted on a domain without an SSL certificate. To fix this, you can hosts these images on your own domain, if you have permission from the image owner. That way the images will have an SSL certificate and will show.


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    Mahbubur Riad

    i have same issue. this slider shows on but does not shows on https. what to do ? i need ssl for secure and also need this slider revolution

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