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    Just activated SSL Using Really Simple SSL Pro, and now my server times out. Can’t load the back-end, or the site.

    SSL certificate is rated A.

    Please help.

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    A little more detail… The domain is: torontosketchfest.com

    At this point I cannot even get into the back end to make any changes. The domain just hangs and times out.

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    If you go to your site using FTP, and rename the plugin folder for Really Simple SSL, does the time out stop?

    Did you enable the .htaccess redirect?

    If you want we can debug this, please contact me directly at support@really-simple-ssl.com if you prefer that.

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    Renamed both plugin folders and http:// now resolves – index page only. All links on the site are pointing to “https://” and those hang.

    I cannot access the admin area at this time, so cannot verify the .htaccess setting. However, that file does not seem to have any ReallySimpleSSL references.

    I do have a redirect plugin active on this site, which perhaps I should have caught before proceeding. Could that be the culprit?

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    For other readers of this article: this appears to have been a server configuration issue. Attempts to use OCSP to check the certificates caused the request to time out. This was fixed by the hosting company.

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