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    Martyn Davies

    I have not yet enabled SSL as I the configuration panel shows two warnings and an error. I’ve found the answer to the error elsewhere on this forum and the first warning is about HSTS, which I understand I should not turn on until the site has been running smootjly for a week.

    The one I can’t find an answer to is: Secure cookie settings not enabled.

    How do I enable them?

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    Hi Martyn,

    These will be activated automatically when you enable SSL.

    I will update the explanations on this. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Martyn Davies

    Wow, quick response! Thank you very much 🙂

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    I have this error message as well “Secure cookie settings not enabled” but the difference is that my SSL is enebaled. I don’t understand what is the problem.

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    There is no problem. Secure cookies are an extra security feature, but your site will run on SSL without this setting as well.

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    Does this plugin have any influence on affiliate links? I mean: My website is a money site, which has some affiliate links inside the pages. When the user is at this page and click in one of these affiliate links, will Really Simple SSL allow my affiliate cookie to be saved in the user’s browser?

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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Raman,

    the plugin will leave external links untouched. The affiliate links won’t be altered and the cookies will still be set.


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    Site shows green lock then disappears. I have an error message “Secure cookie settings not enabled’ Is this the cause?

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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Judy,

    it’s not likely that the secure cookie settings are causing your site to be insecure, most likely this is happening due to mixed content on the site. Often clearing all caches the website uses will fix mix content issues, if you can provide me with your site address I will have a look to see what the issue might be.


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    Hello Mark,

    I appear to be having the same issue as Judy. I installed the plug in and cleared my cache from the WP Super Cache plug in, but I sill do not have any padlock.

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    Hi Jason,

    To track down mixed content, please follow these steps:

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