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    I installed your plugin on but gets redirected to instead of

    How come?


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    Hi Pieter,

    This was a bug that occurred on some sites, but has been fixed in 2.5.16. If you update, the issue should be fixed.

    Let me know if this helps!


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    How do I upgrade manually? Because I installed yesterday the version 2.5.14 through WordPress and it does not yet give an option to upgrade.


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    Hi Pieter,

    The 2.5.16 had some trouble updating because the wp system was really slow thursday. It has been resolved thursday evening, so I think you probably have been able to update now. That should have resolved the issue.

    Please let me know if you have any issues.

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    I checked, but I did not see an option to upgrade. Which is weird because I did see it at other sites of mine. Any suggestions?

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    WordPress usually check for updates every 24 hours, so I would expect it to show up by now. If you go to dashboard/updates, does it show the update then? I haven’t heard of any issues with this since the fix Thursday.

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    Hoi Rogier,

    I keep the issue that no update possibility is being shown with the websites where I have installed version 2.5.14. Could the fact that this is a multihost environment be of influence?

    Can I deactivate, delete and reinstall, or would that result into errors?

    in dutch:

    Ik blijf het issue houden dat er geen update mogelijkheid verschijnt bij de websites waarbij ik versie 2.5.14 heb geïnstalleerd. Zou het feit dat het een multi-host omgeving betreft iets mee te maken kunnen hebben?

    Zou ik het gewoon kunnen de-activeren en verwijderen en daarna opnieuw installeren? Of gaat dat problemen opleveren?


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    I’ll answer in English in case someone else needs this info as well: as far as I know all sites are updating normally now, (apart from yours of course) so I don’t know what the issue is on your site.

    Multisite doesn’t matter. I would recommend to download the latest version from WordPress, then unzip, and upload the files using FTP. That way you don’t have to deactivate.

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    I tried updating the plugin thru FTP. Now it shows version 2.5.16 but the issue remains. keeps getting redirected to

    I also completely deactivated and uninstalled the plugin and then uploaded the new version. This also did not help.

    What can I do?

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    I cleared my browser cache. That did the trick! Issue solved!

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    I thought it would be that! I was just typing something along those lines. Great it’s solved, sorry about the issue in the update.

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    MD Sulaiman

    Hey Rogier,
    I have completely read out the above discussion, I installed your plugin yesterday and faced the same issue as described above. My redirects to……….. Its working for me but i am worry about it and i have the 3.0 installed version .
    Please help, i am looking forward for your kind reply.

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    Pranav Kumar Prabhakar

    Help please:

    When trying to login to
    I am suddenly receiving the following error messages:

    This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.
    Try clearing your cookies.

    Even after clearing cookies, it does not work.

    This is causing a huge problem at an unfortunate time as we are under pressure to launch this new site ASAP, so any advice would be appreciated.

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