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    Nicolas Eggebrecht

    I just bought the licence and installed on my multi site.

    A message shows:
    “You haven’t activated your Really Simple SSL pro multisite license yet. To get all future updates, enter your license on the network settings page. Go to the settings page or purchase a license”

    But when clicking on “Go to settings page”, it shows me: “Du bist leider nicht berechtigt, auf diese Seite zuzugreifen.” which means, that I don’t have rights to open that page. Also, there is no “SSL” in Settings.

    Any idea?

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    Hi Nicolas,

    This probably means the free version of Really Simple SSL is not activated. Really Simple SSL pro is an add-on, so needs the free version as core.

    I would recommend to enable both Really Simple SSL and the pro plugin networkwide, for best configuration options.

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    Nicolas Eggebrecht

    Hello Rogier,

    I checked this – but both plugins are activated networkwide.
    Plugin versions are up to date also.

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    Nicolas Eggebrecht

    I’m talking about the multisite version – Do I also need the pro Version?

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    Nicolas Eggebrecht

    Or does the main site of my multisite network need an ssl certificate to install this plugin?

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    The multisite pro plugin together with the free plugin is enough. On the network admin of your site, do you have the network settings/ssl menu? Did you select an option to enable per site or networkwide?

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    Nicolas Eggebrecht

    I have:
    Really Simple SSL (free) and Really Simple SSL Multisite.
    But I do not see any options for the SSL. Do I need to buy the Pro version as well?

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    No, that’s not necessary. Can you contact me through really-simple-ssl.com/contact? I’d like to take a look at your wp admin.

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    Nicolas Eggebrecht

    I sent you the credentials … thank you!

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    Nicolas Eggebrecht

    OK – problem was that the main site in my multisite network was not protected with SSL.
    There is an update for the “really simple ssl plugin” (free) which was released tonight – this solves this problem.

    Thank you Rogier for this fast support and update!

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    The update is released on Github, and will be released on WordPress in a few weeks. Github repository here:

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    Hi Rogier,

    how do i put realy simple ssl on my wysiwyg webbuilder 10 site. how do i install and activate it?

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    You can install it like any other plugin, assuming you already have an SSL certificate installed of course.

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    @rogier Lankhorst Thanks U Support ^^

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