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    Roberto Bissacco

    I have un problem and i need from you
    everything works well with https://www.sosinfoteck.it/ but when I remove the www after https the link does not work ,
    instead, http://sosinfoteck.it works ,
    the problem occurs only with https
    how can I fix it
    thank you

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    Hi Roberto,

    I just checked your site, when I check your site over https://www, it redirects to https:// without www, and loads fine. Did you resolve it in the meantime?


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    Roberto Bissacco

    try this link https://sosinfoteck.it/
    it not working

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    I just clicked on your link, it’s loading fine for me. What is the issue you are seeing?

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    I have just newly taken a website and doing activities like blogging. Actually i need a help, my website running on SERP with the www and https both, but the google understand my webiste like both are different, could you please help me out how can resolve that issue, so that google will never recognise as a duplicate content.


    Both are running and meanwhile it showing totally duplicate content.

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    Hi, I have just installed new SSL it’s working properly but there is a problem
    https://www.youtube.com-download.live ok
    https://youtube.com-download.live not ok,
    the second one is showing not secure

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    Any update on this?

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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Usually this occurs when either the www or non-www domain is missing from the certificate. An SSL certificate should contain both http://www.domain.com and domain.com. You can check if your site uses a certificate which contains both here: https://ssllabs.com/ssltest

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    hlo friends
    i hosted my website on blogger and link my GoDaddy domain to it. it opens fine in https://www.punjabjobsgovt.com/. but as i remove www from domain https://punjabjobsgovt.com/ it didn’t open.
    i also forward the domain from GoDaddy dns.
    please help me to solve the issue.

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    Mark Wolters


    this happens because your certificate only includes the www domain (www.punjabjobsgovt.com). To fix this, the certificate must also include the non-www domain (punjabjobsgovt.com). Your hosting provider can fix this for you.

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    Johnny B

    Hello – I installed RSSSL on my wordpress site. Now if I type https://internettmonaco.com or internettmonaco.com it works fine but if I put http://www.internettmonaco.com I get an error saying the site is not secure etc.
    Any ideas – thanks in advance

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    Johnny B

    Fixed the issue. Can delete thread.

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