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    Upgrade for PRO 1.0.18 = Update Failed: Update package not available.

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    If you entered your license key, activated, and this issue keeps returning, you can always download the latest update from your account page. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one using the email address you used for the purchase.

    If you send me your license key by email, I can check if your license is activated on my side.

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    Vincent FABIUS


    I have same issue !

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    Vincent FABIUS


    i resolve my issue !! thanks

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    Thanks for the update!

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    I recently converted one of my sites to https, after a conversion from Joomla to WordPress (which, not surprisingly, didn’t go very smoothly). Your plugin worked beautifully, immediately correcting the vast number of deficiencies left behind in the conversion.
    After activating the plugin and verifying that it had implemented the necessary corrections, I deactivated it, hoping the fixes would remain. As I imagine you know, they didn’t. So my question is whether the premium version would allow me to have the corrections made by your plugin, and then remove the plugin, without losing the corrections. I ask because I try to do as much as possible without burdening my sites with plugins. But unfortunately, the corrections needed on this site are sufficient that to do so manually would require more time than I’m presently able to commit.
    Thanks in advance for your response.

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    Hi Sheldon,

    The scan in the pro plugin is meant to find and help fix those items that aren’t fixed by the mixed content fixer in Really Simple SSL.

    So this is not the solution you are looking for. If you know what the urls are that need to be https, you could use a replacement plugin, like the better search and replace plugin.

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    Thanks, Rogier – I appreciate the response. Is this the Search and Replace plugin you’re referring to? ( by Inpsyde GmbH)


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    Don’t know that one, probably does the same thing as this one: which I often recommend.

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    Been using the free version of this plugin through Site Ground for months on my own websites. Tried to install it on a client site, however, and it told me that I need to put stuff into my CSS and scripts, etc. It suggested that I go pro. Before doing so, however, can you give me a run down of the pro options? I should point out that I am not a technical person.

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    In short: the pro version offers a scan to find your mixed content issues, and a fix button to repair the problem. In addition you have some options to improve security, like HTTP Strict Transport Security (which will force users to keep using your site over https after the first visit), the preload list (which preloads HSTS for your site in browsers), and a certificate expiration check so you will receive an email when your certificate is about to expire.

    For any issues that can’t be solved with the scan feature you have access to premium support.

    The complete list is here:

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    Jessica MIgdal

    I am having a similiar issue. I had the free version on the my site. I upgraded to preminum and there is no place for met to upgrade my account.

    The free version was already downloaded.

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    After purchase, you receive an email with a download link for the premium add-on. You can install the add-on following these instructions:

    The core plugin should be left installed.

    If you need any assistance, let me know!

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    Jessica MIgdal

    The video is showing me from the beginning to the end. The product was already installed. I got past that point. It will not allow me to upgrade to preminum with the old version already in place.

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    Jessica MIgdal

    I can’t upload the new zip.

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    What is the problem you are having with uploading the zip file?

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    Jessica MIgdal

    There was no place to upload it. I got the zip. I already have the free version pre downloaded. No place to add the zip. I have no way of uploading the new file.

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    You should upload the zip as any other plugin file: plugins -> add new -> upload.

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    Armando Ello

    I dont see where is should put my licensekey.. the plugin doesnt show any difference after purchesing..

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    Please follow these instructions to install the pro plugin:

    It should be installed like a separate add-on, in addition to the core plugin.

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    If you didn’t receive a purchase confirmation with download link, it might have ended up in your spam folder. If not, please contact me at, so I can get you a download link and license key!

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    Jo Ren

    I ve bought the pro version of your plugin, entered the key where indicated.
    however I still see an error message

    error No SSL detected. < ———————
    success HTTP Strict Transport Security was set.
    success Your site has been configured for the HSTS preload list. If you have submitted your site, it will be preloaded. Click here to submit.
    warning Secure cookie settings not enabled.
    – The mixed content fixer is not active on the admin panel. Enable this feature only when you have mixed content on the admin panel.
    error The native WordPress function is_ssl() returned false < ———————
    success Great! Your scan last completed without errors.

    This is the configuration tab.
    could you help me fix this please.
    Thanks a mil.

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    Hi Jo,

    Did you run a check if you have a valid SSL certificate? A valid SSL certificate is required for Really Simple SSL and Really Simple SSL pro.

    You can do the SSL scan here:

    If your SSL certificate checks out, you can follow these instructions:

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