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    I have been looking for a way to add ssl’s to my multisite network and I think that this is the right solution. The multisite will allow people to set up their own website and I want an easy and cheap way for them, or me to add an ssl to the webstie. I have been looking for a way to do this and had a few questions about really simple ssl.

    Can you use Let’s Encrypt SSL for each individual site? Or do you have to get one ssl to cover all of the websites at once?

    I am doing domain mapping and so the site might be a sub-domain or a mapped domain. Will the ssl work on a mapped domain as well as a sub-domain?

    Is there any documentation on how to set this up after a purchase?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Shelley Powers

    Not the plugin developer, but you can’t use the same certificate for multiple domains. Starting in January, you can use a Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificate for subdomains.

    As for domain mapping, I suspect you’ll need a different SSL certificate for each domain.

    I use multisite for my network, and I created a different SSL for each domain. Let’s Encrypt makes it fairly trivial with the certbot command-line tool. It also updated the Apache vhost files, including adding the bit about forcing HTTPS (certbot queries your preference).

    Only issue was older posts with hardcoded HTTP resource requests.

    Again, the plugin developers will be able to provide more detail.

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    To my knowledge Shelley is correct about the certificates: you’ll need a certificate for each domain, but a wildcard certificate will suffice if you use subdomains. Redirects, and mixed content (the hardcoded http requests Shelley is referring to) should be fixed by the mixed content fixer in Really Simple SSL.

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    Andy Gosling

    If I buy they Multisite Pro version, I presume I can use the plugin on a single site installation too?

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    Hi Andy,

    Yes, that is correct. You can use the multisite add-on also for single site setups.

    If you have any questions, let me know.

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    David Wilks

    I have two multisites (each with 7 sub-sites) and three single sites. I’m using the LetsEncrypt wildcard SSL on the multisites. Is that one Pro licence or do I need eight per multi-site?

    Multisite 1 = main + 7 sub.sites
    Multisite 2 = main + 7 sub.sites
    Site 3
    Site 4
    Site 5

    Five licences or nineteen?

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    The multisite licenses are measured per WordPress install, not per subsite. So in your case 5 licenses is sufficient. Let me know if you have any questions!

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