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    We have all the configuration correct, but the locked padlock doesn´t appear, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla and other sshows.. “The site is not completely secure”, our configuration:

    success SSL está activo en tu sitio.
    success El solucionador de contenido mixto se ha detectado con éxito en la portada
    success Se ha detectado un certificado SSL en tu sitio.
    success Ajustes de la redirección 301 https:Redirección .htaccess
    success HTTP Strict Transport Security was set in the .htaccess
    – Your site is not yet configured for the HSTS preload list. Read the documentation carefully before you do! Enable the preload list
    – The mixed content fixer is not active on the admin panel. Enable this feature only when you have mixed content on the admin panel.
    success The native WordPress function is_ssl() returned true
    success Great! Your scan last completed without errors.

    Just appears de padlock when your are logged in dashboard, when you log out, the padlock disappears.

    Waiting a response.

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    Hi Fran,

    I need to see your website to help you with this. Could you post your website, or send me the link through the form?

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    Javier García

    The same thing happens to me that Fran says. I can not see the padlock and the plugin was apparently installed successfully. Can you tell me what the problem is? The url is https //:
    Thank you.

    Me pasa lo mismo que manifiesta Fran . No puedo ver el candado y el plugin aparentemente fue instalado con éxito. Puede decirme cual es el problema? La url es https//


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    Hi Javier,

    When I load your site, I get a 403 message. This points to a server configuration issue, which you should contact your host about.

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    My website, will show the padlock momentarily and then disappear. I cannot seem to rid my site of the following notification: Your connection to this site is not fully secure. Please advise and thank you!

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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Shauna,

    there are still some http:// links loading on your site. These are coming from an Elementor stylesheet ( You can fix this by manually updated the links to https:// and clear all caches the website uses. See


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