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    Robin Gillespie

    I have just one page on my site which I cannot get the green padlock for.

    I’m on Really Simple Premium and have fun a full scan – nothing.
    I’ve run the page through several SSL checker pages such as WhyNoPadlock and they report a problem but cannot pinpoint where it is (they give a line number but it’s incorrect).

    There’s nothing special about the page and all others on the site are fine.

    Any suggestions?


    There is an image that is trying to load over http. But the source of the image in the console is:

    This makes it harder to find it, as this it not an actual image. I checked for http references in your site, but found none, so it is probably a https URL (which is why it wasn’t found by the scan), which is then redirected to http.

    There are several possible causes:
    – The image is inserted in an invalid way, like , or . This might redirect to a 404 page.
    – The image is valid URL, but doens’t exist, causing it to redirect to a 404 page.

    So I checked the 404 page redirect:
    redirects to
    Then to

    So if an image is not found, it gets redirected to a http url first, causing the mixed content.

    To fix this, you can change the 404 redirect to redirect to the https home_url. That should resolve the problem.

    Robin Gillespie

    Thanks for the fast response.

    The 404s are all redirected to https:// so I’m not sure why it was doing that.

    Anyway, your reply has helped me track down the problem image file and I’ve removed it from the page – all working fine now with a green padlock!

    Thank you again


    Great it’s solved.

    The endpoint of the 404 redirect was https, that is correct, but it first redirects to a http page, and still does. After that it redirects to https, which is what you see. You can check this here:

    I would recommend to remove that http redirect as well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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