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    Edward Sanborn

    My website is http://www.blueswordsolutons.com
    That URL seems to redirect fine to https://www.blueswordsolutions.com but I have had reports
    that the URL http://blueswordsolutions.com (Note the lack of “www.”) does not redirect correctly.

    My website is hosted on GoDaddy’s hosting services and I am using WordPress and I have the Really Simple SSL plugin installed and my SSL cert installed in my Godaddy SSL configuration. Is there anything I need to do to
    make sure that the non-www URL is also redirected?



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    Hi Ed,

    The problem is that your non-www domain is not listed on your certificate. You can see it on the scan:

    As a result, browsers might show an insecure warning, as the redirect is first to https://blueswordsolutions.com

    Adding the non www domain to the certificate will solve the issue.

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    Edward Sanborn

    Thanks Rogier,

    I was told by GoDaddy tech support that adding the non-www URL to my certificate will fix the problem BUT the downside is it will cause SEO to not work as well.
    Do you agree? Their suggestion was to fix the issue within WordPress and/or the SSL redirect plugin.


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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Ed,

    I don’t see any downsides to SEO when adding the non-www URL to the certificate. Having both the www and non-www on the certificate is normal, the vast majority of sites have this. If you want to redirect al requests to either the www or non-www domain see https://really-simple-ssl.com/knowledge-base/avoid-landing-page-redirects/.


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    Ed Sanborn

    Ahh.. got it. OK, so I called Godaddy and they walked me through removing the http://www.blueswordsolutions.com alternate domain name on the certificate and instead I added the non-www domain name blueswordsolutions.com
    on the certificate. THey said it will take an hour or two to take affect. I will check using the ssllabs test analyzer in a bit to make sure all is good.

    Thank you!


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