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    W.C. Whitaker


    We purchased Pro…………installed………..no errors. Now none of the images load on my WordPress site – livinginhisname.org

    Please help

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    Hi Clayton,

    Just answered your support ticket:

    . The images I see, like this one:

    Do not load when I try to view them in the browser. They redirect to the homepage

    This suggests these images aren’t there, or the request gets blocked. These images won’t get checked by the scan, because they’re on the own home URL. The plugin trusts the mixed content fixer to handle such images. Only in this case it’s not mixed content actually.

    You probably also have a 404 redirection plugin. As these images cause a 404, the URL is then redirected to the homepage.

    A possible cause might be a hot link protection on the server, or a faulty custom redirect in the .htaccess file. If you have this, please turn this off to see if this helps.

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    Mary Grace Delibo

    HI ..I just purchased pro, installed and after doing full scan it seems that mixed content fixer is not activated and still have no padlock. Pls do help…can u check my site? http://www.coachingebook.org..thanks

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    Hi Mary,

    there are still some images loading over http://. These images are coming from your Elementor posts. You can try to clear all caches the website uses, if that doesn’t work you can edit the page with Elementor and update the http:// references to https:// manually.

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    Donald Dubuque

    This site is not secure

    This might mean that someone’s trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.

    This is one error I get when going to the site. All browsers don’t see the SSL.

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    Hi Donald,

    Did you run a test using https://ssllabs.com/ssltest?


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