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    Hi Rogier,
    I’m about to try RSSSL on my multisite. I’ve read this

    Sorry if this is clear, but I wanted to check my scenario, domain mapped to etc

    In this case I think I need to network activate?
    Many thanks, David


    If you have separate domains for each site, you can also activate per site. But if you have certificates for all domains, you can also network activate of course.


    You run a Multisite installation with subfolders, which prevents this plugin from handling the .htaccess. To enable .htaccess redirection, activate SSL networkwide. To ignore this message, just dismiss it.
    Detected setup

    error No SSL detected. despite saying ssl is aok

    Should I disable domain mapped subsite, and reenable via network?


    Just to follow up and thank you for your help.
    I had to enable Network Wide.
    Once I had done that I was able to access setting with ‘enable sll’ option.
    With that done I have this reporting in settings, but the site appears to work in ssl with mixed errors in console:

    Detected setup
    success SSL is enabled on your site.
    error The mixed content fixer is activated, but was not detected on the frontpage. Please follow these steps to check if the mixed content fixer is working. Instructions
    success An SSL certificate was detected on your site.
    warning Https redirect was set in javascript because you have activated per site on a multiste subfolder install. Install networkwide to set the .htaccess redirect.
    Still having issues with mixed content? Check out Premium, which includes an extensive scan and premium support. Learn more

    ** Really Simple SSL debug mode **
    building domain list for multisite…
    ** Detecting configuration **
    plugin version: 2.3.13
    Already on SSL, start detecting configuration
    No server variable detected
    ssl type: LOADBALANCER
    ** Configuring SSL **
    testing htaccess rules…
    htaccess rules tested successfully.
    wp config jetpack fix already in place
    checking if .htaccess can or should be edited…
    per site activation on subfolder install, adding of htaccess rules skipped
    converting siteurl and homeurl to https


    Is the mixed content fixer active? (can you see the mixed content fixer comment in the source of the SSL site?).

    If it’s active, and you still have mixed content, there might be an image or a css or js reference to a http:// link that is not automatically fixed.

    In this article I’ve explained how to search for mixed content errors:


    I got this error after update to wp 4.6.1 from 4.6.0 > Notice: wp_get_sites is deprecated since version 4.6.0! Use get_sites() instead. in /wp-includes/functions.php on line 3707

    Should I try and tackle this, or hold out for forthcoming version.
    many thanks, David


    Hi David,

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m aware of this notice, it does not do any harm, it’s just a deprecated notice, not an error. I haven’t changed this function yet, as changing it into the new function would break backward compatibility.

    In the upcoming version I’ve decided to fix the issue, while maintaining backward compatiblity, by using this function conditionally, depending on the WP version.

    So no need not tackle it 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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