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    I am the owner of the website (which has a SSL certificate).
    Besides this site I use for my mobile visitors. (Without SSL certificate)

    Both sites are working fine in desktop and mobile version, except when i look for my website in Google on my phone, Google says the robots.txt is blocking the description and is redirecting it to instead of

    There is nothing strange about my robot.txt, I think two plugins are creating this error.
    Does anyone know what to do?

    Thanks in advance,


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    As far as I can see the site redirects without any problems to the mobile version.

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    Bas van Engelen

    Dear Rogier,

    The problem only occurs when you visit my mobile website trough Google trough your phone.
    Visit the follow link on your mobile phone:

    You will see that my mobile site is redirecting to the wrong page due SSL problems.

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    As the mobile site does not redirect to SSL, the problem is that Google shows the SSL version. This could be caused for example by your sitemap or settings in Search Console. Something is telling Google your site should be loaded over SSL.

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