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    Bob Altizer

    I have Really Simple SSL Pro installed, not on multisite. I started a Mixed Content full scan; the progress bar got to “Searching for js and css files and” and quit. It’s been running for 15+ minutes with no progress, though the activity spinner is going in the Chrome browser tab. Attempts to access the site are hung on “Waiting for musicanovaaz.com…”. Clicking “Stop Scan” has no apparent effect.

    Please advise: How do I end the hang-up and what must I do to run a full scan?

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    Bob Altizer

    UPDATE: After about 15 more minutes, the site is accessible again. Still in the dark about:

    1) Why mixed content full scan hung
    2) Why it un-hung 30+ minutes later

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    Hi Bob,

    Possibly the site ran out of memory for a moment. If you close the browser window, the scan will stop, and the memory load should lower.

    If you run into any other issues, please let me know.

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    Bob Altizer

    Thanks, looks like that fixed it.

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