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    Pesi Unwalla

    I converted my site to https: using the Cloudflare service and it converted OK after I corrected all(?) mixed content using the Really Simple SSL plugin.

    The SSL worked fine and I do see the green lock on my URL – however, the Live Video PLayer on my site has stopped working. I noticed that my CDN (content delivery network) provider is still on http: and not https:

    Whenever I disable my SSL on Cloudflare, the Live Stream player plays perfectly but as soon as I re-enable SSL it stops working.

    Should Really Simple SSL not have corrected that issue? I’ve attached the debug info from the plugin below:

    * WordPress redirect
    * Mixed content fixer
    SERVER: apache
    SSL is enabled for this site
    ** Detecting configuration **
    plugin version: 3.0.5
    Already on SSL, start detecting configuration
    Opening testpage to check server configuration:
    test page url, enter in browser to check manually:
    SSL test page loaded successfully
    ** Configuring SSL **
    testing htaccess rules…
    test page url, enter in browser to check manually:
    htaccess rules tested successfully.
    checking if .htaccess can or should be edited…
    .htaccess does not contain default Really Simple SSL redirect
    retrieving redirect rules
    converting siteurl and homeurl to https


    Hi Pesi,

    perhaps you have to make some changes to your CDN provider configuration to allow connections over https://. The site currently seems to be in a redirect loop, for information and possible solutions for that please see


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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