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    Kevin Patton

    Been using Really Simple SSL Pro for a couple years, with no problems. Starting around 30 Aug 2020 my website, then a few days after another website, started showing mixed content warnings in the browser address bar. The scan shows no problems, nor does the debug function. Here are the steps I’ve taken:
    -deactivated other plugins one by one to look for conflicts
    -made sure WP and all other plugins are up to date
    -uninstalled Really Simple SSL Pro & Really Simple SSL and reinstalled them
    -had my hosting company tech team check everything on their end (all good on their end)
    -repeatedly emptied the page cache in WP and my browser cache
    -tested on different browsers and different devices
    -burned sage to expel evil forces
    A support ticket has ended in a dead end with the advice that I should manually change all http:// requests on my website (169 pages on one site, 188 pages on the other, all with media files called). Some of them cannot be fixed by because they’re being drawn in on a rolling basis from blog RSS feeds. But some are located within my pages and I can fix those. A LOT I can fix, but don’t have time to fix. 357 pages, remember?
    But I’m thinking that’s what I bought Really Simple RSS Pro to fix in the first place, right? And it was working until last week!
    Before I retire from my day job to slog through 357 pages of media links, can anyone here please suggest some other thing that I can do?


    Hi Kevin,

    Really Simple SSL will replace http:// to https:// on your own domain, if it did work previously there might be a different change on your website causing this, for example a new plugin. What you could do is a mixed content scan in the Settings->SSL->Settings menu to identify and fix mixed content issues, this saves you the time of manually identifying and fixing the URL’s.



    Hi Kevin,

    For community purposes I’m adding my email response here as well:

    When I dig into your site, I see the mixed content images are loaded by***&callback=FG_NS.receiveHTML

    This call originates from

    Which is included as widget in your site.

    I’m assuming it auto loads some RSS feeds as you described using an API. This API is called with the gfwidget.jw file which is hosted remotely on

    This is the reason the pro plugin can’t find anything: it will follow the path until the gfwidget.js file, but that’s a dead end as it doesn’t contain the mixed contain.

    To solve the problem:
    That’s a bit of a problem: the widget is outside of the control of your website: we can’t directly change the output of the javascript.

    Fixing links in your site itself is not possible, as it’s loaded dynamically by the script. There are two ways to go about this problem:

    1) Try to write a custom javascript which listens to the fg.load event, then replaces all URL’s to https.
    2) Contact about the issue. A best practice for them would be to load all URL’s with https. That should be a standard these days.

    We can help you with 1):
    -Can’t be sure this can be made to work. We’ll have to experiment with this. I see this in their code:
    I’m hoping this could be leveraged to hook into the moment it’s all loaded. It depends on if we can get a pointer to “t”, which seems dynamical. Might be a problem.
    If feedgrabbr would change their code it might stop working, which might require code maintenance in the future.
    -Alternatively, we could create a timed javascript, which every second, or any other interval that works, fixes all mixed content. This is not ideal but might resolve the issue.

    As for 2)
    -The problem with this is that you’re entirely dependent on, and their willingness to help. If I were them I would fix this fast, but we’d have to wait and see how fast they respond. But in the end this would be the best option, as it requires no custom coding, and is future proof.

    Concluding, my advice would be to first contact about this. Alternatively, we can try to create a custom script to fix it.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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