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    Hi, I purchased the really simple ssl pro and activated it. Now, when I go to the homepage, none of the excerpt/preview images are visible. They were visible before the plugins activation. When I click on the actual post, the images are there and visible. How do I get the images to appear on my front page? I am using thrive tabs, WP Responsive Recent Post Slider Pro to display my stuff on the home page.

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    Oh, another thing. I have the following code that displays the tabbed content…
    [thrive_tabs layout=”horz”][thrive_tab headline=”LATEST” no=”1/2″][recent_post_slider design=”design-19″ limit=”10″][/thrive_tab][/thrive_tabs]

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    also, the images not showing up in the homepage all are being pointed to the amazon s3 url, where the images are. the images that show up in the front page are the ones directly uploaded to my wordpress site. how do i get the images pointing to amazon s3 to show up in the tabs, sliders and grid boxes?

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    Hi Paul,

    The problem is that the amazon url does not allow a https connection. So either you move them to your own server, using the fix button in the scan, or you can ask amazon support for a URL that supports https.

    Let me know if this helps!

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    images on the home page are not showing in microsoft edge but show in chrome do i need to purchase pro for it to work

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    Possibly this is an SSL certificate issue, or hotlink protection, but hard to say right now. Pro won’t solve that, but will give you access to premium support. We can take a look at your site and find out what the problem is.

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