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    I’ve used Really Simple SSL successfully on a wordpress installation in a subfolder of this same domain (www.myidiet.com/hi), and it’s great — thank you.
    But I just installed it on the root WP installation of the same domain, and when it logged me out, I was unable to log back in to the root WP. It takes my password, but nothing happens. I had to use your force-deactivate file to regain control of the site.
    And BTW, thank you SO MUCH for providing that emergency feature.

    Have you seen this before?

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    That’s weird. What exactly happenend, did wp redirect in the url? of did you get any error message? Did you try loggin in in a different browser as well?

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    Hi Rogier,

    Yes, I tried a different browser. But I think it was a plugin conflict. I changed some plugins and now the root site is working correctly — with Really Simple SSL functioning.

    thank you.

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    same here…
    could not enter the backend.
    and to disable it manually..

    is there any fix? solution? to use the SSL ?

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    Lee posted that he was able to fix it by deactivating some plugins, which apparently conflicted. It is also possible you need to enter $_SERVER["HTTPS"] = "on"; in your wp-config.php, but the ssl plugin will handle this in most cases.

    You can regain access by using the force-deactivate feature: https://really-simple-ssl.com/knowledge-base/uninstall-websitebackend-not-accessible/


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    I had a similar problem. I’m using a js script for the login which is referenced on the login page using a ‘shortcode any widget’ plugin. The login button stopped working. I edited the js file and changed the link to https but now get the error ‘You must tick the accept box’ … but I’m not using one? Any ideas?

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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Daniel,

    do you use any sort of plugin that would add a checkbox like this? Does the javascript point to an external link? On what site/login page are you experiencing these issues?


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