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    Brand new WP installation. SSL certificate is enabled for all site on my hosting.
    After I click to activate SSL, I see a message for a really short time before WP logs me out. Something about lack of permissions for .htaccess file and then it get’s me logged out and I i can’t get back to admin area, nor see the site.
    Must disable plugin and then do complete uninstall before allowed to get back to http mode.
    Looks like permissions are ok (644), plugin able to write beginning and ending lines, but nothing in between.
    Not sure what the problem is. Can anyone point me a right direction?

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    Hi Ilya,

    What is the error you are seeing, when you can’t connect?
    I don’t think the .htaccess message has anything to do with it. In most cases this is caused by certificate issues (insecure connection warnings, certificate name mismatch, chain errors), or by a redirect loop. (too many redirects error).

    Certificate issues
    Can you do a scan on ssllabs.com/ssltest to see if your certificate is allright? If you have anything below A, contact your hosting company to get it fixed.

    Redirect loop

    Let me know if this addresses your issue. If not, I’need some more info, like the domain.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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