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    Hey there.

    First and foremost thank you so much for creating this plugin – great job guys.

    The thing is that I have done some linkbuilding for my website before changing to https. Now I need to know if this plugin helps the site redirect all linkbuilding links to HTTPS?

    I have only check-marked the first 4 (mixed-content, enable wordpress 301 redirection to SSL, enable 301 .htaccess redirect, enable javascript redirection to SSL) but is that enough? I really don’t understand a thing of what it does, but I just want to make sure that i KEEP my links from other websites. Otherwise I will have to contact all the websites to ask if they can change the URL from HTTP to HTTPS…

    I can say that when I go on a site that links to my website and click on the linkbuilding-link, it goes to the new HTTPS url – therefore it works, rigt?

    Will the link loose its quality because it’s redirecting?

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    Mark Wolters


    all incoming http:// requests will be redirected to https:// via a 301 redirect. The 301 redirect is SEO friendly. Search engines will pick this redirect up automatically, you don’t have to contact the other websites to change the link to https://. In our experience links don’t lose quality because of a 301 redirect to https://.

    In regards to the settings, we recommend to enable one of the three redirect options. When possible, use the 301 .htaccess redirect since it’s the fastest one.

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    Hey Mark.

    Thanks for the quick reply. It’s understandable for me now. But why check-mark only one of the three? Do they do the same thing?

    Will something happen if I decide to only enable the 301 .htaccess redirect?

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    And what about the internal links on my site? When I click on them after adding SSL with your plugin they redirect to https – so it’s working right?

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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Anders,

    all three redirect options indeed to the same thing, redirect your site to https://. Therefore only one (the .htaccess redirect) should be left enabled.

    Activating SSL will update your site address to https://, that’s why internal links now use https:// as well. This indicates SSL is activated properly on your site.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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