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    After I used your plugin which worked nicely, I ran into some trouble.
    When adding my URL to a Facebook or LinkedIn post, there is no thumbnail image being loaded.

    The imagessource is https and working fine when.
    The html-source on the page shows the image at the correct location (https)

    If I disable your plugin, I the images load in no time.
    NB: My snippet-text and title are not shown on Facenook either. Just the main domain.

    (( I have Yoast-SEO installed, but disabling that plugin, does not make a difference ))


    A user has recently reported that this issue could be solved by changing a setting in their SEO plugin.

    As Really Simple SSL on the front-end only creates a redirect to https, and sets the site_url to https, which are both best practices, I think it is connected to the redirect.

    Sorry to say I don’t know which setting was changed, but I would check your SEO plugin. I’ll also ask this particular user what setting it was.


    Mark Wolters


    we came across another user which had the same problem when using the All in One SEO plugin. That was solved in the following manner:

    In the All in One SEO plugin, go to the Feature Manager, and activate Social Meta.

    Then, in Social Meta, in the Image Settings section, change the “Select OG:Image Source” from Default Image to Featured Image.

    It could be one of your plugins has a same type of setting

    Let me know if your issue is solved!



    Samuel Di Bernardo

    I’m having this issue also, It was working great until I hit update on the simple SSL plugin. Whatever you have done to the update is messing with facebook Images.I now have no facebook Images unless I post my own on facebook but this doesnt help people who share from my website. Please I need an Urgent fix. This is a Daily Newspaper.


    Mark Wolters

    Hi Samuel,

    I’ve taken a look at the changes made to Really Simple SSL in update 2.5.21, which consist of changing the end buffer hook, adding the option to either flush rewrite rules or not and a few typo fixes. It’s unlikely that the issues you are experiencing come from the updated free version of the plugin. Did you happen to update other plugins as well at the same time as Really Simple SSL? Do you also use Really Simple SSL pro?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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