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    Rob Miller


    Great plugin, I’ve used it on the site outlined above but I am having problem with some javascript not displaying on my site. I’m not that technical and I was hoping you could help me to find out how I can rectify this.

    The page in question is https://www.privatemidwives.com/private-ultrasound-scans/ and before I used the plugin/SSL this was working correctly and displaying a widget from another website (piece of javascript that was provided by an external provider)

    The javascript includes a http link and this then blocks the request to show the widget. See here http://take.ms/KmdQW

    Unfortunately, I’m not technical enough to know what to do next. Do I need to ask the external provider to provide a https ready javascript or are there other ways to fix this? – I had tried setting the “Enable javascript redirection to ssl” to enable but this hasn’t had any effect.

    Could you help please. Apologies if this is a stupid question, but I am a complete noob when it comes to javascript and ssl.



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    You have an included script:

    Which calls another script with a http link, this causes the error, because your site is on SSL, so can’t load http resources. So you should contact the makers of this script, from ultrasound-direct.com, to change http://www.ultrasound-direct.com/referrer-integrated-booking
    into //www.ultrasound-direct.com/referrer-integrated-booking

    This will make it protocol independent, which will make it work both over http as https.

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    Rob Miller

    Rogier, thank you so much for the reply. I’ll get the makers of the script to get this changed.

    Thanks again for you help and great work on the plugin.



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    I am using ssl plugin. I want to ask when configuring the plugin should I enable Javascript to SSL redirection?
    my website https://nhansuanha.com

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