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    Today I’ve updated to WordPress 4.8 and the newest version of your plugin. After this the following error was shown in the backend of every post: Failed to load content css: It seems that it only effects the layout in the backend but I’m not sure of it. Downgrading to the last version of WordPress and of the plugin haven’t had an effect. Do you know this error? What can and should I do?


    Dynamic styles is probably generated by your theme. Maybe the theme is not 4.8 ready? This is not something that is caused by Really Simple SSL. Maybe you should re-save the custom css that is generated by the theme.


    We have found the cause for this. It seems to be tied to multisite, and per site activated SSL. If a site is not activated explicitly by Really Simple SSl, the plugin has issues recognizing this. By changing the checks to verifying if home_url contains https, instead of checking for ssl_enabled, this problem seems to resolve.

    You can check if this fix works for you by copying the class-multisite.php from

    Hung Thinh Phat

    I am also experiencing the same problem


    Can you post your own topic, or submit a support ticket? This is probably a different issue, and we will need your own input to see what the problem is in your case.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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