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    Hadi Sanad

    hello ,
    there is a 2 problem’s since i installed the plugin :

    first one is every time i want to publish new post or page i will get error 400 bad request . but after 2-3 time refreshing the page and trying again to publish it work’s and i will be able to publish .

    the second problem is im totally not able to open the theme customization it load nothing only blank page. (im using publisher theme)

    until last update every thing was fine ( only bad request – error 400 ) but after some refreshing and trying again i was able to post page or post .

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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Hadi,

    it sounds like there is an issue with either your server configuration on the theme resulting in the issues you are experiencing. Does the rest of the site work fine on SSL? You could try to enable WordPress debugging to check if any PHP/WordPress related issue is responsible for your issues. See https://codex.wordpress.org/Debugging_in_WordPress


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    Hadi Sanad

    yes ! every thing works fine , till last 3 days before last update of really simple ssl i was able to customize the theme but today not !

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    Hadi Sanad

    heey Mark , you were right man , it was server configuration problem !

    theme problem solved ! only error 400 but after 2-3 time refreshing gonna work , so not really problem .


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    Vijay Singh

    The Same error I am receiving 400 bad request nginx When I am uploading the new purchased wordpress theme. Please Guide me. My site is hosted on digitalocean.

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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Vijay,

    this is often caused by a server configuration issue. I’d suggest to contact your hosting provider about this issue.

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    Hadi Sanad

    hey Vijay Singh
    try to remove all session and cookie’s and empty ( temp ) , with me also was the problem from cookie’s that i got error 400 .

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