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    Beau Young

    I am having issues enabling HSTS. When I enable “Add header to force insecure requests over https” and click save it reverts back to disabled. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Beau,

    The insecure requests header is not the same as the HSTS header, HSTS is the option “http strict transport security”.

    If the settings do not get saved, there might be a plugin conflict. There’s one plugin I know of which causes this: Amazon Associates Link Builder. If you have this plugin you can try deactivating it before you save.


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    Beau Young

    I do not see the option http strict transport security on my settings menu. I am not using the Amazon plugin that you are mentioning.

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    Is this perhaps a multisite setup with per site enabled SSL? I need some more info, can you submit a support ticket or send me an email at support(at)really-simple-ssl.com with a screenshot of your settings and the output of the debug log in settings/debug?

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