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    Hi Rogier

    Have tried to install and manual delete Really Simple SSL twice, I want to try again but probably need guidance.

    the first install the plugin was network enabled and chose the option under network setting enabled enable network wide. With this, the main site is ok but the sub sites have mismatch domain name when tested with whynopodlock

    the second install the plugin again network enabled and this time the network setting is per site. The first site is ok again but the sub sites this time mixed content error “page requested over https://… but requested insecure image” (but the mixed domain is now clear though).

    Any suggestion?


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    Hi Joel,

    what do you mean exactly with the mismatched domain name using the first option?

    The second case you are describing sounds like a caching issue. It seems SSL is activated on the network but there’s mixed content on the subsites. They likely still retrieve content from a http:// domain. If it’s from your own domain, clearing the cache can solve the issue. If that doesn’t help can you post your domain(s) so that we can have a look? You can also send WordPress and FTP credentials via https://really-simple-ssl.com/support/.


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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the reply much appreciated.

    The error message on the first option network enabled and network wide enable
    Domain Matching – Your SSL certificate does not match your domain name *.myhost.com myhost.com. But I know it match because it got working when change to per site.

    I did clear the cache but did not help. The subsite in question https://joelrazon.net/consultant/
    there are few more subsites but did not activate SSL till I figure this out.

    I’ll send my credential at the support portal.

    Thank You

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