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    Matthew Cherrey


    I used a tool to transfer my site from one server provider to another. In order to test the server before launching, I had to turn off Really Simple SSL. Before launch the site then turn it back on, I want to make sure that the transfer tool moved over the SSL certificate. Where does really simple SSL look for the certificate so I can double check that it is there? Thank you!


    Hi Matthew,

    Really Simple SSL does not move your SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is installed on the webserver. You can check if your new domain has an SSL certificate by entering your domain here: If the site doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate, your hosting provider can help you install one.


    Trina Haldar

    It seems my certificate has expired. Unfortunately my IT person is currently in Intensive Care. Please advise on how to proceed as swiftly as possible, as people cannot currently access the website.

    Anna Maria Eide

    Have installed really simple SSL, but have change webhotel receintly, do not know why it is not a secure certificate. please help!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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