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    Hi, I’m following this tutorial – – to do the migration to https. It advises to update any hard-coded http links to https using the Better Search Replace plugin by Delicious Brains. Is this absolutely necessary? Doesn’t the Really Simple SSL Pro plugin do this automatically after SSL is activated?



    Really Simple SSL pro doesn’t update hardcoded http:// links automatically. It will find hardcoded http links in for example stylesheets through the scan option. Once an item is found and the ‘fix’ button is pressed, the link will be changed to the protocol independent // so the image will works on both http:// and https://. As long as the plugin is activated it will redirect to https://.



    It is important to note that the better Search and Replace plugin searches the database, not the files, and doesn’t check for SSL availability on remote resources, while Really Simple SSL pro is created to search for http links in css and js files and checks if resources that are loaded CAN be loaded over https.

    For example, if you have an image loaded from another domain without an SSL certificate, the Better Search and Replace plugin would replace that url to https if you tell it to do so, but the image still won’t load over https.

    The stuff the Better Search and Replace plugin handles is covered by the mixed content fixer in Really Simple SSL.

    So while the Better Search and Replace plugin is a great tool, in case of an SSL migration it will miss
    – hotlinked images from domains without certificate.
    – http links in css and js files
    – css and js files on other domains with http links
    – css and js files loaded from other domains without SSL certificate.


    Thanks for the detailed responses. I think I may have been unclear with my initial post.

    I was actually referring to any internal links I have hardcoded in my posts. For example, if I have a hardcoded link in one article that links to another article in my blog, do I still need to use the Better Search Replace plugin to change all hardcoded instances of “http://” to “https://”?

    Having activated Really Simple SSL Pro and completed the migration, it already seems to have done that, at least on the front end. That’s what I meant by “automatically”.

    As much as possible, I’d rather not use Better Search Replace to update those internal hardcoded links, unless I absolutely need to for SEO purposes. Thanks again for your help.


    Yes, you are correrct. Internal links and images/css/js files, as well as URL’s to external resources like images, css and js files, iframes, form end points etc are all handled by the mixed content fixer. Any hardcoded url’s in css and js files, and images loading from non-ssl domains will be tracked by the pro plugin.


    Awesome thank you!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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